The Legalization Of Marriage Equality Over The Summer Skepticism

1393 Words Jan 27th, 2016 6 Pages
With the legalization of marriage equality over the summer skepticism has arisen about how far egalitarianism will stretch in the name of marriage. The passing of the law for same-sex marriage legalization could create the push for greater fairness in relationships, including polygamy. However, polygamy is still a touchy subject with its more recent and more radical history. It is essential for polygamy to be kept from any future marriage equality changes in American because polygyny causes emotional, and sometimes physical, damage to the wives, creates gender inequalities toward women, and would also create a generation of children that do not have proper social fulfillment. Although polygamy falls under a religious right and the law should stay out of marriages, inequalities and physical and emotional damage in women and children greatly outweigh the “benefits.” In a society where polygamy strives, males would too. Polygyny would create a higher demand for women and thus forcing teenagers into marriages at a young age. Having multiple wives would create controlling tendencies, causing violence and abuse (Martinuk). In a monogamous marriage, while emotional and physical abuse can still take place, you do not have the need to be in control when the marriage is the husband and the wife alone. Having multiple wives creates the mentality that the man of the family controls them all, creating repressing actions, often leading to abuse. In polygamous societies, higher rates of…

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