The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs Essays

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The United States of America has many tragic and horrible events in the country’s history and out of all of them; slavery was by far the worst. Cruel and evil are understated adjectives used to describe the abuse and treatment that slaves endured. Men and women slaves did not have any rights or freedoms and were treated more like animals than people. They not only experienced physical abuse by means of punishment or torture, but also psychological abuse. Extreme measures were taken as forms of survival and many slaves lived under constant fear. While the anti-slavery movement became popular, testimonies from freed slaves were documented and shared to the public to educate society on the horrible ways African-Americans were treated as slaves. During this time of sharing, Harriet Jacobs wrote a story called “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl”, in order to show the public that slave girls and women had it much worse than slave men.

Jacobs addresses a lot of different events that commonly happened to slave girls. Many of the events that happen in the story are based on real life situations Jacobs experienced back when she was a slave girl. One of the main concerns that these girls had to constantly deal with was their master. Masters were the white men whom inherited, traded, or bought the slaves and controlled everything that happened to these girls. The slave girls often became victims of their masters’ emotional, physical, mental and sexual abuse. In the story, the…

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