The Lincoln Electric Company : Organizational Culture Essay

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“Analyzing the Lincoln Electric Company to Determine its Organizational Culture”
This essay uses the framework from chapter eight of the textbook to analyze the Lincoln Electric Company in determine its organizational culture. The first feature to be analyzed is the influence of the founders on the company from when it started until now. The second group of features to be analyzed at the Lincoln Electric Company includes its incentive management plan, its performance appraisal system, its communication system, its merit pay and bonus plans, and its management style. These features point to the Lincoln Electric Company having various aspects of an innovative, outcome-oriented, and team-oriented organizational culture.
The influence of the founders of the Lincoln Electric Company is still evident today. According to Carpenter, Taylor, and Erdogan (2009, p. 192), "a company 's culture, particularly during its early years, is inevitably tied to the personality, background, and values of its founder or founders, as well as their vision for the future of the organization." As one of the founders of the Lincoln Electric Company, James F. Lincoln 's personality, background, and values were rooted in Christian principles. As a Christian, Lincoln felt that if the Christian ethic controlled the company 's actions, it would result in greater savings for the company 's distribution efforts, better advertising that led to the best product for the consumer, higher quality products, and…

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