The Love Song Of J.alfred Prufrock And The Waste Land Essays

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In both poems, written by T.S Eliot “The Love Song Of J.Alfred Prufrock” and “The Waste Land” have accommodations of the ugly being disguised as beautiful, and many of spiritual meanings behind the words and symbolic terms he uses. Now, in the beginning of T.S Eliot’s life he was not such a religious believer but, as grew to an adult “In 1927 Eliot was received, baptized and confirmed in the Church of England. He began to refashion himself as a Christian man of letters” (Atkins 170). In “The Love Song…” it seems to have a lot to do with escaping reality but, they key is that Prufrock sees his reality as a living hell. According to “The Waste Land” all four characters that continuously try to speak out, find themselves surrounded by dead people that clearly are not listening after World War I…hints a waste land. All of these spiritual meanings seem to connect with Eliot himself and what he believes but, as for someone who is so spiritually connected, why in many of his poem, such like the ones mentioned is he so against the world (earth itself)? When God is the one that created earth and nature to be one of his most beautiful creations. Shouldn’t Eliot be more appreciative of what “his God” created?
What is seen forming, basically between the lines is a type of hatred, or maybe anger towards life itself. The two poems mentioned are so beautiful and very poetically outstanding but the underlying message he is giving out seem so dark and dingy. Which follow with a confusing…

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