Essay on The Main Point Of Human Rights

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A) The main point Mr. Clapham is trying to make is in the opening pages is trying to exampling what is human right are and how people have explained them in the past. Mr. Clapham states, “Many who approach the subject of human rights turn to early religious and philosophical writings,” (5). He touches upon how philosophers from the 1600-1800 century thinker such as John Locke, who wrote Second Treatise of Government, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract, Thomas Paine, Common Sense, and Immanuel Kant has an impact on current understanding of what human rights are. He shows how their writing helped formed The American Declaration of Independence and the French Declaration of the Rights of man and of the citizen.
In the start of chapter two, Mr. Clapman main point is to begin to explain what the United Nation is and how they add to the debate on what are human rights. “When government, activist, or United Nations documents refer to ‘human rights’ today they are almost certainly referring to the human right recognized in international and national law…” (23). Through the few pages in this chapter he starts to explain how the United Nations have moved into a role of the deciding factor in what human rights are in this century.
B) In this reading I learned about a general overview on how philosophical writing still are shaping the current debates on what are people say about human rights. Also, how in a few short years the United Nation’s have grown into a powerful…

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