The Major Components Of Social Structure Essay examples

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Social Structure: The major components of social structure are culture, social class, social status, roles, groups and social institutions. Use each of these social structure variables to explain why Native Americans have such a low rate of college graduation. (See Table 9.3 on page 234 in your Henslin textbook).

Minority groups must endure a great deal of inequality to gain success in the United States. For the few who succeed, there are many more that fall by the wayside and are passed over. Some of the most common are the peoples of the many NA tribes distributed throughout the country. Native Americans as a whole are often stigmatized in the US and as a result fall behind in many aspects of social life, most notably in education. This inequality in educational advancement can be easily attributed to the vast differences in culture, social status, social class, roles, groups and social institutions of the many NA tribes in the US. Native American cultures are a very tight knit and exclusionary institution, often keeping most of their traditional practices such as the Sun Dance behind closed doors. For the most part, Native cultures are wry and distrusting of outsiders due to the fact that they have been taken advantage of so much in the past. For this reason, the rest of US society, primarily whites, distrust and are prejudice towards them. This prejudice directly translates to lack of respect for NA students in the classroom. When student realize that their…

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