The Many Forms Of Nursing Home Abuse Essay

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The Many Forms of Nursing Home Abuse
One of the most challenging and important decisions one has to make when they are responsible for the care of an elderly loved one is how and where their long-term care needs will be met. Many individuals turn to private care, or government assisted nursing care facilities. We expect the individuals who are employed by these organizations to protect and care for our loved ones with respect and dignity as common decency dictates and the federal law demands. However, an extremely dark statistic is steadily on the rise. According to Elder Abuse (2000), “The American Medical Association has estimated one in four older persons experience some form of abuse” (Para 1). The elderly are abused in many ways within the walls of nursing homes including mentally, physically, financially and neglectfully.
One way the elderly are abused in nursing homes is mentally. Mental abuse is the one form of abuse that is most difficult to identify. Mental abuse is a form of abuse that includes verbal attacks or making threatening actions toward a person to strike fear into them. This type of demeaning behavior includes humiliation, shaming, being verbally abusive, and exhibiting emotional control over another person through mental and emotional torment. Although the signs are difficult to detect, noticeable changes in elderly behavior might occur. According to the National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence (2006), when put in a position of fear one…

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