The Meaning Of American Ethnic Literature Essay examples

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The Meaning of American Ethnic Literature
Hali Hogue
Stephen Rogers
June 23, 2015

The Meaning of American Ethnic Literature The first stirrings of literature began many years ago. However, the development of literature did not occur simultaneously around the globe. Rather, civilizations around the world slowly began writing poems and stories of their own. Today, literature may be defined by several different genres such as; poetry, science-fiction, drama, and mystery, just to name a few. Literature might also be divided into separate groups such as American literature, British literature, etc. When at a library or bookstore, one might also notice some literature is separated into other categories such as African-American studies, Native American studies, Hispanic Literature, and so on. This paper, however, will focus on American ethnic literature as a whole. Specifically, I will attempt to answer the following questions: what is American ethnic literature? And, what does American ethnic literature mean? Defining American ethnic literature can be difficult because there is no single ethnic group in America. Rather, America consists of many diverse ethnic groups. We Americans make up the different ethnic groups in our country, and thus, make up the various types of American ethnic literature. For example, there are Irish Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, Korean Americans, German-Americans, and so on. All of these groups and more make up…

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