The Memory Paper

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Memory Process Paper
Kim Duncan
Psychology 550
February 11, 2012
Susan Leonard, PhD

Memory Process
Memory is the capacity to encode, store and recall information. Memory consists of the procedures that are used to obtain, keep, recall and retrieve information. Encoding, storage, and retrieval are the three major processes involved in memory. In this paper, the author will address short term memory, long term memory, and working memory, as well as encoding and retrieval in the memory process. The author will also describe the selected test and analyze the result of the memory test and evaluate variables associated with encoding information and ease of retrieval.
Working memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory
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The author selected to take the visual memory part of the test. The visual memory test contained 12 pictures of children participating in a marathon. Out of the 12 children, 6 of them completed the marathon race and 6 of them dropped out of the race. Consequently, the author had to remember the faces of the children that completed the marathon. The limit number of attempts was 60. The author’s visual memory score was 35. According to the game, getting a low number is good compared to getting a high number. Most people who played this game finished within an average of 40-55 attempts.
The author obtained 35 on the memory visual test. The author found the directions of the game rather complex. The author was half way through the test before finally grasping the concept of the test. Several of the children the author thought finished the marathon actually did not finish and the children the author thought dropped out of the marathon actually finished the marathon. The author later realized that the same faces were being shown over and over again. Some of the children were shown twice back-to-back with different children. Viewing the faces became familiar to the author. Although the author knew which children actually finished the marathon it took 35 attempts to figure it out.
Role of encoding and retrieval in the memory process
Terry (2009) states “encoding

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