Essay The Minimum Requirement By Uc Davis Pa Master 's Program

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When I initially decided to take this class, it was only to fulfil the minimum requirement by UC Davis PA master’s program. All I wanted was a job where I could quickly obtain patient experience hours. This all changed by the end of the first week of class. Something about the radiated enthusiasm and passion of the instructor and student assistants, brought me to a different place. I didn’t expect this, I only signed up for EMS 111 because I didn’t get into the phlebotomy course the previous semester. Somehow Butte College’s ability to make a life changing experience never fails. As the program advanced and incorporated ER time and ambulance ride along time, I knew this was definitely for me.
All the skills needed for my time at the ER and ride along days were previously reviewed in class, making my experience a smooth process. I was nervous and a bit scared of how I would feel about injuries and illnesses, I thought I would not be able to handle seeing any of it. Somehow none of those things bothered me, and I had this desire to help the patients improve their situation. It is different reading a text or listening to a descriptive story, versus being at the scene of the incident where you can be a part of the solution. My emergency room experience began by meeting very knowledgeable staff at Oroville Hospital. On my first day I was paired up with one of the nurses on the floor. He was very helpful, he loved Physiology and Organic Chemistry, so we obviously spoke…

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