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Marie Joan Haskins

The model Paper "Current estimates indicate that the extent of addiction disorders, with the exclusion of tobacco addiction, involves approximately 32 million American" (James & Gilliland, 2005). To date there is no one single factor or explanation of Addiction. "Evidence shows that Addiction is the result of many heterogynous factors involving various combination of genetic,environmental,social,and psychology influences" (Kranzler & Li,2008).
There is no clear evidence or research that suggest that one clear model is used to diagnosis addictive behaviors.
The Biological Model Theory The Biological Model Theory
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The Psychologic Model Secondly, the Pschologiical introduces the reasons why addicts crave drugs which entails explanation about the emotional state, and the mind. Lets start with the Personality Theory model and examine the assumption that certain personize traits predisposal in the individual to drug use. According the Narcotics Anonymous,"letting go of character defects should d be done decisively". This statement is important because it is referring to the addicts personize. Stated by catanzaro, an alcoholic personality is often described by traits such as dependent,immature,impulsive, highly emotional,having low frustration tolerances,unable to express anger, confused about sex role or iwntaion,etc. In further finding it about character defects. Furthermore, i do not agree with that it is not possible to identify the personify traits of a drug-addicted person. According to MacAndrew,"detecting only years of alcohol abuse rather than underlying personality traits". Today addiction is progressing disease that does take years to future out someone is smoking crack or doing metho.Everyone in the neigbrghood know the crackheads even the undercover drug users. It is their character how they act. In addition to the research i would like to provide the reader with a few quotes from na. In this books in the index their are 15 different. While researching this material to come to the following conclusion concerning this personality theory model: In summary of

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