The Movie ' Amadeus ' Essay

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“I am a patron of mediocrity in the world" is a bitter joke of Antonio Salieri in the final of the biographical film based on Peter Shaffer 's film. A unique gift and an ordinary man are the main theme of the movie "Amadeus." This film is not trying to recreate an accurate biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This is most likely a fantasy on the theme of relationships capable of, but not more, Salieri and infinitely talented Amadeus Mozart. Taking the life paths of these musicians, the director reflects on the nature of genius, of envy, of the relationship with God. Antonio Salieri is painfully thinking about why some people easily given to all, while others are forced to make significant efforts in achieving success, and the response was Mozart, music which contains all the most beautiful on earth. Salieri gave up everything, he has dedicated his life to music, through which he wanted to glorify the Creator and become the greatest composer. His diligence and persistence were evaluated. He became court composer in Vienna, the capital of world music, enjoyed universal respect, his works were a success. But once he heard the magical sounds, Salieri realized that all his musical works are insignificant in comparison with the music of Mozart. Despair seized Salieri. Why did God put in him the desire to create music, but refused abilities. Instead, the talent was endowed with some unsavory clown, joker, letting vulgar jokes. For the composer Antonio Salieri was the most awful,…

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