The Myer 's Briggs Type Indicator Test Essay

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A Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator test was administered in order to determine the individual personality types of students. I obtained the results of INTJ. Personality types of INTJ show traits of being observant, meticulous, and analytical. Knowing traits of my personality type has enabled me to understand limitations of my personality better. Needs work

The Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test created by Isabel Briggs and Katharine Myers (Davies, 2008) and derived from Carl Jung’s work on “Personality Types”. The test consists of eight personality characteristics: introvert, extrovert, sensing, intuitive, thinking, feeling, judging, and perceiving (Renner, Menschik-Bendele, Alexandrovicz, & Deakin, 2015). The test consists of multiple choice questions. Respondents receive a four-letter result that identifies them as either more (1) introverted or extroverted, (2) sensing or intuitive, (3) thinking or feeling, and (4) judging or perceiving. A person’s results help them identify different areas of their personality that they can then use to change and grow.
After taking the MBTI, I scored an INTJ. That means that I am more introverted, more intuitive, more thinking, and more judging. Those who score INTJ are called “The Scientists” because of our tendency to usually be very observant of the things around us and then producing ideas and plans based off of those observations (“The Scientists”, 2015). Additionally,…

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