The National Collegiate Athletic Association Essay

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Sport is one of the things Americans value. Football, basketball, baseball and many other sports are played all year round. Most of this athletes start playing this kind of sport as soon as they can hold a ball. From playing catch with dad, to playing high school, and then college; that is if the person is even good enough. The health risk in playing competitive sport is enough to drive people away from trying. Yet every year, day after day, there are people working hard to play in a particular sport.
The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a non-profit organization that regulates college sports. Athletes from all over that play in college have to abide by the rules and standards of the NCAA. The NCAA has a tournament for every sport in college that attracts viewers and money. About 181 million people watch the March madness every year. This means lots of money comes into the organization. There are sponsors all throughout the tournament paying money to get 20 seconds of their product aired on TV. There is nothing wrong with a sporting tournament making huge amount of money, but there is something troubling about a billion dollar organization where the athletes do not get paid.
For the NCAA to be making so much money from just March madness, it would sound easy for the organization to create a payroll for the students that play. Zak Cheney-Rice a journalist for the News Mic says "In 2012, [NCAA] TV ad earnings alone eclipsed $1 billion. That same year, the…

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