The National Popular Vote Or Electoral College System Essay

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The National Popular Vote or Electoral College System In the 54th quadrennial United States Presidential Elections, it was the incumbent governor of Texas George W. Bush representing the Republicans, and incumbent Vice President Al Gore depicting the Democrats. Nevertheless, the elections came down to a neck and neck battle, and at the end, found its destiny relying on the state of Florida where a margin of victory triggered a recount. After the recount finally closed, George W. Bush was soon declared the winner as he gained majority of the electoral votes with 271, making him the next president. However, further polls soon created mass amounts of controversial uproar towards the unfairness of the Electoral College system when it turned out that Al Gore actually received 540,520 more overall votes than George W. Bush. Therefore, occurring most recently in the 2000 United State’s Presidential Elections where the presidential candidate with the most overall votes actually lost the election, is it true that implementing the National Popular Vote bill would provide a fairer election? As a result, an analysis of the Electoral College System used during the United State’s Presidential Elections exposes one major flaw: state by state, every American vote does not carry equal weight. When discussing the Electoral College, the most influential ideas and faces behind the system come from the United State’s Founding Fathers. Dating all the way back in 1787 when the Founding Fathers…

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