The Nature Of English Language Essay

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English is regarded as the most influential language globally, with more non-native speakers around the world than native speakers (Park and Wee, 2012). There are over 400 million speakers of English, and although there are a few languages with more speakers in the world, those languages owe their numbers to mother-tongue speakers. Whereas, English owes its prominence to how widely adopted it is in other countries, and the special status it enjoys in global affairs.
Since the introduction of English Language into the Nigerian society by missionaries and traders in the 19th century, the language has grown to become the country’s preferred language of communication, and is formally Nigeria’s lingua franca. The spread of English globally has raised concerns that it is a killer language which leads to the gradual extinction of languages in places where it has been adopted.
A few Nigerian languages are already dead, and a greater number are facing extinction.
This essay examines the nature of English language in relation to the continued existence of indigenous Nigerian languages. It considers the veracity of the assertion that English is a killer language which will lead to the death of indigenous Nigerian languages by looking at the historical adoption of the language and seeking to examine a link between that and the viability or otherwise of Nigerian languages.
I have examined different views on whether there is still need for English as a national language,…

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