Essay on The North Texas Food Bank

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The North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to end hunger in North Texas. As part of Feeding America, a nationwide food bank network, the NTFB accomplishes this mission through over 250 Partner Agencies at more than 1,000 locations across 13 counties. Several departments are responsible for coordinating the variety of programs and services that contribute to NTFB mission. Every program or service involves connecting low income North Texans to nutritious food, while collecting recipient information (North Texas Food Bank [NTFB], n.d.). Discussing the specific characteristics of NTFB clients, services, program coordination, and first hand volunteer experience provides a detailed overview of this valuable organization.
To begin, it is important to identify NTFB data collection occurs through surveying and provides specific information on clientele. The most recent demographics of the clientele are available from surveys taken in 2013. Regarding age, the NTFB serves clients at a variety of lifecycle stages. At 33%, the most participants in NTFB programs are from 30-49 years old. However, the estimation of children under age 18 as making up 30% of the clientele is likely an underestimation, because client surveying excludes programs solely for children. Equally important, seniors total 13% of NTFB clientele. In regard to ethnicity, 31% of clients distinguish themselves as white, 31% as black or African American, and 29% as Hispanic or Latino.…

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