The On High Quality Pictures Essay

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High quality pictures
In the beginning, the users tend to use bad camera photos to present their listing which didn’t show the users their spaces properly. By providing high quality pictures for the room listing, in one week, the weekly revenue was doubled to $400 per week which was the first financial improvement that the company had seen in over eight months
Featuring high definition photographs of the property space being offered is one of the outstanding features of Airbnb. It enables the renters to experience what they are going to obtain for the price. All pictures are taken properly and professionally. Airbnb provided photograph services for hosts nowadays. Renters can see how it looks like and see if it fits their requirements. This attracted more guests over the last few years.
By looking at the chart below, this method helped increase a tremendous amount of guess for Craigslist. Today more than 11 million people worldwide have used Airbnb’s lodging services. The Social Connections Tool
It also featured a community tool named “The Social Connections” which facilitated the property listings to show the avatars of mutual connections, friends who have stayed with the host or are friends with the host. Social Connections also allowed guests to search for hosts based on other characteristics, like alma mater. Apart from these, Airbnb also improved its customer services significantly and established a trust and safety department along with it to tackle individual…

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