Essay on The On The Foundation Of Psychology

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Many of the experiments that established the foundation of psychology have been found to contain weak inductive inferences that do not represent humanity as a whole. Along with these founding experiments, many recent experiments continue to contain weak inductive inferences as well. This is not an effective way to continue to develop the foundation of psychology. I will argue that the recent experimental work of Audrey Parrish is invalid because of its weak inductive inferences. An inductive inference is a generalization about a whole population based on a sample of that said population. For example, if all the wild life in the ocean were sampled and it was found that a majority of ocean wildlife has gills it could be inferred that animals that live in the ocean have gills. However, there is no guarantee that this is true, hence the inductive part of inductive inferences. We know this inference to be false however because of the evidence we already have, such as the fact that mammals like dolphins and whales live in the ocean but do not have gills.
In order for an inductive inference to be weak it needs to be both small and biased. In order for an inductive inference to be strong it needs to large and representative of the sampled population as a whole. However, considering the fact that the human population is roughly 7 billion and growing, it is difficult to have a sample be large enough to represent everyone. In order to counteract this then the inference would need…

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