Essay on The Oppressed Becoming The Oppressor

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The phenomenon of the oppressed becoming the oppressor
The dilemma and correlation to indigenous people and ethnic conflict as they struggle to survive and thrive in a world that consistently try to strip them of their dignity and humanity.

In the years since the 1967 Resolution 242, there have been many failed peace accords and intifadas, as the Palestinian attempted to retaliate against the oppressive hold to the increasing land confiscation, homes, unemployment and poverty. In an effort to get a greater Israel a number of strategies have been implemented by the Israelis in using the discipline of archaeology to “produce evidence of Jewish presence in the land.” “Many modern archeologists prefer not to use the Bible as a guide,” however the use of other written historical sources in conjunction with the Bible has been vital in verify historical information. One of these other sources the early archeologist had to solicit were the local indigenous Arabs cultural knowledge (although this was not totally reliable) they were need as the natives to verify the names of many towns, villages, cistern, etc. and to also transcribe them in to the Arabic language. The Bible stories were told orally through songs, story-telling and poetry passed down from one generation to another until the alphabet was created by the Phoenicians/Canaanites. The events were written hundreds of years after they occurred. The authors then edited the stories for better effect to highlight the…

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