Essay The Parents Role Of Responsibility

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All parents have a responsibility when it comes to raising their children. Beyond the obvious, such as providing them food, water and clothing along with a nurturing environment, they should be expected to teach their children the right and wrong behaviors that are expected or shunned by society. Some of the pros and cons that I will discuss on the parents role of responsibility in juvenile delinquency. One pro is that parents raised their child, teaching them right from wrong, so they are morally responsible. The parents are the “leaders” of their child (Wickliffe, 2000). . We as parents should watch over our children and teach them how life works. Parents are only responsible for feeding, clothing, and enrolling their children in school. Any action their child does is unrelated to them as people. If people were responsible for the actions of their children, then the world would be pretty messed up. A second pro is children learn from their parents, psychologically speaking. Several studies in developmental psychology have found that children are essentially a blank slate. Granted there several traits that are inborn or inherited, but mostly children learn right and wrong through observation of others (Wickliffe, 2000). On the other hand of that most children prefer learning from their peers than the parents. And most of them prefer the misguided peer mates as friends, as some are bullies, so they fill secure. Thereby learning all sorts of characters from them. Some…

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