The Pastoral Responsibilities Of The Church Essay

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The Christian life is filled with concerns and no place is more evident to find these than in the pastoral responsibilities God has entrusted to the leadership of the church. Satan has been working against the church from and early time causing this concerns to rise, but looking at the views Paul 's warnings in (2 Timothy 3) about the increase of apostasy in the last days and what we are witnessing today in the church, Paul 's instructions in (Him 1:3-7 are very significant. These instructions are very important for today 's leadership; they are or can be called "critical instructions" for pastoral ministry.
These are matters that are important to leadership as well as to the well being of the church of God as a whole. The instructions given are also guidelines of what kind of man we need to understand can be a pastor, and ask ourselves; is my church that way? Am I in the right church? Is my pastor doing what God wants him to do?

There are many churches that do not teach God 's plan of salvation, churches which the pastor or minister never preaches about the "good news of salvation". You can assist to one of these every
Sunday for years and never hear that you need to be saved. When Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus, he had a lot to say about "salvation". Paul wanted these men to preach and teach about the wonderful salvation that is found in Jesus Christ. On (1 Tim 1:15) Paul wrote "This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the…

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