The Period Of Moses And Joshua The Israelites Essay

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During the period of Moses and Joshua the Israelites had struggled with other tribes by moving about throughout the region. With this move about the Israelites, became accustomed to others, similar pattern of life, they learned to be independent and to feel free to come and go through nations to nations, and feeling strong without obeying laws. The attraction were that these tribes were urban with many agricultural goods (White, 1993). The other tribes that the Israelites took liken to was Canaanites they possessed the Promised Land. They lived in the city-states where each city had its own government, army, and laws. Canaanites were hard to defeat even individually, there was no single king to defeat them (Life Application Bible, 1997). This what attracted Israelites to become accustomed to their ways of life and their religion –they prostituted themselves to other gods, bowed down to them (Judges 2:17), (Life Application Bible, 1997). The gods of Baal was a god of rain, they relied on Baal to flourish their lands (Chrisholm, 1994). Whereas, they followed the Canaanites religion and turned from God’s covenant.

Canaanite Religion and the Downfall of Israel and Judah

Vonda Denson
Professor Michele Pasley

Canaanite Religion and the Downfall of Israel and Judah

Canaanites was a well establish urban community with its wealth and development to recently freed slave people, accustomed the hardships of life in the…

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