The Place Where People Like / Dream Essays

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After a lot of planning and thinking, we decided to go to the place where people like/dream to visit. We decided to go there on our vacation, so that we have more time to spend over there, and we can see the place verynicely. After deciding where to go, we had to decide when to go. So we decided to go on 25 Jun 2015. Today, the day came, and we were excited to start our journey. Before this day, we had confusions ofwhat to take there, where to stay, and what to do. We booked our tickets in advanceso that we don’t have any trouble there. It is the second time that I’ll fly on an airplane. Visit to this specific place willgive me a lot of entertainment.
My friends and I left our houses at mid-night. We have to meet at the airport around 2:00 o’clock in the morning. As we are from different cities, we all together cannot leave from one place. After leaving our houses, I am the first who reached the airport, and now I am waiting for them to get here. When all my friends arrived, we started to enter inside. I think reaching that place will take about 4-5 hours for us.
After this short tour on an airplane, we reach Goa at 7:00 am. After landing, we leave the airport, and now we are waiting for a taxi; so, that we can go the hotel where we booked our rooms. After arriving at the room, we freshen up ourselves and get ready to go to the beach. At the beach, people are having fun in the water, children’s are making something in the sand and the elders are going far in the water and…

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