The, Political, And Political Order Essay

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While realists concern themselves with the balance of power system and liberals with the power of trade, interdependency and democracy, constructivists are most concerned with the power of ideas. For constructivists, political order arises from a shared understanding amongst individuals. In this, people’s understanding of their interests is shaped by the ideas that they adopt.

Constructivists argue that international reality is socially constructed. They are primarily concerned with the role of ideas in shaping the international system. Recognized from work of famous authors like Alexander Wendt and Katherine Sikkink, constructivists are interested in how ideas define international structures, and how international structures define the interests and identities of the state as well as non-state actors. Using Wendt’s theory as an example, he believed that ‘anarchy is what states make it’.

Constructivists believe that conflict and global responses, like all international relations, are shaped by ideas, collective values, cultures and social identities, which in sum are all socially constructed. Hence, to constructivists, perceptions shape international outcomes in which produces social norms that shape and change foreign policy decisions affecting the behavior of the state.

Critical theories Critical theories, or as some would call radical approaches, highlight the ramifications inherent in the ways in which individuals see politics and international affairs. Claiming to…

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