The Positive Benefits Of Responsibility As A Child Essay

1399 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 null Page
Much of my younger life was formed by having fun and doing child-like things, but when these activities weren 't occuring my parents were secretly teaching me how to be an independent person. They started with small things, like giving me chores and responsibilities, and slowly graduated to larger things such as expecting me to get to school on time. A lack of rules granted me much freedom, but also heightened moral standards imposed on me by my parents. Overall, however, the independence granted to me by my parents while I was still a youth was a positive experience, as it taught me responsibility, fostering motivation, and management skills. Responsiblity is a critical skill, best developed slowly from a young age. My family never overwhelmed me with laden responsiblities, but made it clear that one day all of the duties would have to be carried out by me on my own. To this day, I can see the positive benefits having responsibility as a child has had on me, as I was taught the value of these tasks. Small things, such as washing dishes, clothes, sheets, and myself, all add up to a healthier person, more capable of the larger, more imposing tasks of college life. These may not have been as evident to me as a child, as I may have periodically thrown fits of aimless rage at my parents for not letting me do only as I please, yielding multiple "talks" and punishments. However, as I go about my day, composing music and doing various other tasks, all are benefited by the…

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