The Power Of Perception Essay

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The Power of Perception

There are certain standards that man has created to classify how one may think or believe. In different cultures some believe different than others. In America, having many people from different cultures grants us an insight at many worldviews. Worldview is defined as, “The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world” (American Heritage Dictionary). There are many different worldviews and many ask a simple question. For example Metaphysics asks, “what is”, Epistemology asks, “how do we know”, and Axiology asks, “what the nature of value is.” All of these are very important to study and ask ones self. The basis for worldview is human perception. So if worldview has to do with how one may think, then it is subject to change with time. The worldview of ethics is an outstandingly controversial subject today with both society and church. For example, the reason for this to be controversial is because we are living in a day in age where it is ethical to let to male/female persons marry each other. This is ethically correct because ethics is defined, as whatever man thinks is right or wrong. It doesn’t have anything to do with a moral standard. One may easily see that this way of thinking directly contradicts what the church may have to say on the subject. Christian’s are supposed to live by a moral standard set forth by what the Bible says is right and wrong. Not what humans have defined. A wise word from C.S. Lewis directly assess…

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