The Practice Of Counseling And Psychology Essay

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In the history of counseling, there have been a vast amount of approaches and perspectives that have been used to influence this area of practice. The biggest goals of psychotherapy is to help an individual create a healthy thinking pattern, in order to then create healthy feeling and in turn, healthy behavior. Indeed all individuals go to therapy for various reasons and therefore then most likely need different approaches to their problems. One person differs from another within many variables, such as background, lifestyle, health and so on, meaning that therapists then must be versatile in their therapeutic approaches in order to better understand and help their patients. For this reason, there is not one particular tradition in the history of counseling/psychology that has influenced by understanding of the practice of counseling. Instead, there are numerous therapeutic approaches that are necessary in order to help a client through various forms of counseling.
Through my studies and my current position as a direct care counselor at Excelsior Youth Center, there are a couple basic therapeutic philosophies that have stood out to me as being significant in order for therapy to be successful. These approaches are psychoanalytic therapy under depth psychology, as well as family systems therapy under the category of family therapy. With my interest in these areas, I am very open to learning about other traditions to better understand the practice of counseling, as I know that…

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