The Problem Of Addiction With Addiction Essay

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In 2008 an evil plagued my family, the evil that consumes so many families. Sometimes I sit and wonder why I was unable to see the signs and change the fate of our outcomes. This evil I speak of did not just take over overnight, no it slowly and patiently took the life from my husband over the course of several years. He was no longer the man I had met and the father to my children that I adored, he had become possessed by something I had never seen. Addiction comes in many forms and for him, it came in the form of Crystal-Meth. I have yet to meet someone who is in the grasp of this evil that does not look like a demon from the devils army, and my husband was no different. His eyes changed, his personality changed, his mind was dark and twisted. When the abuse began it was easy to blame the addiction. It could not be the man I loved doing these things and saying these things to me. I was in denial, I had blinders on that had become apart of the person I became, but one day God took those blinders off, lifted the veil and my life would change from then on. Of course at the time I had not known it was God intervening in my life. I could have even at that point said it was the devil himself seeking out to torture me. The abuse became so out of control that one day in August of 2008 I was rushed off to the hospital, in fear my husband, the man I loved, had broke my neck. It all happened so suddenly and like a hazy dream you cannot wake up from. As I am being carried out and my…

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