The Problem Of Medical Negligence Essay

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So the Government are planning to do what the Government does best when faced with a crisis by sidestepping the real issue and apportioning blame elsewhere.

Medical Negligence is consistently in the news at the moment, as the number of claims being made are at all time high levels, particularly in the NHS and you can list the reasons for these troubles and most of them would come back to the Government and a lack of proper investment.

Yet the Government have chosen to put their hands over their ears to the protests and appeals in regards to crisis and instead of asking the obvious question of why are so many instances of medical negligence being reported, they have asked a completely different question and that is, how can we cut the number of medical negligence claims.

You might thing that the two questions mean the same thing, but in truth they are poles apart. Had they asked the first one, then they would be investigating the standard of care and coming up with ways to improve training of health staff and they would no doubt be investing more into ensuring that none of the medical professional currently working within the NHS are overworked.

Instead, the second question has led them to plans to cap the fees charged by the lawyers who are representing the victims of the negligence. These are the people who have been punished by the Government’s inability to deal with the first question and those who have been let down by the NHS’ failings.

In some cases, as we shared…

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