The Progression Of My Reading Skills Essay

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Reading brings peace to my mind and warmth through my body. When I read I envision myself in the story. I love readings that are loaded with detail so I could paint a picture of the event or scenery being described, but it was not always like that. When I was younger there was a time I wanted to be an author. Then I realized that writing a story is not as easy as reading one. The progression of my reading skills greatly affected my experiences throughout my early childhood stages, my middle school years, and after being a high school graduate.

When I was younger, reading felt like a chore. Being forced to read has its ups and downs. For example I would get better at reading and improving my comprehension skills but at the same time it exhausted me and made me lose interest in reading. I always felt that I had to read because my parents said so. I was the innocent, behaved child that always listened to what she was told. A day would start and my stepsisters and I would be having the most amazing time and all of a sudden our parents would pick out random books for us to read. Although my step sisters did not mind the “chore” I did. The thing is my step sisters only came for the summer. I lived with my mom and their father throughout the entire year. Making me the one that was forced to read 365 days per year rather than 90 days out of the year. My parents split the three of us up into separate rooms throughout the house for about an hour everyday. One of my sisters would…

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