The Progression Of Technology : Online Learning Management System

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Literature review The progression of technology transforms the educational paradigms to online learning. It stimulates students to new learning behaviors in classrooms to be more active, and challenge-based learning. (P. Hawranik, 2013) According to academic institutions provide opportunities for students to be able to obtain educations by accessing to online courses from anywhere in the world through hypermedia link. However, one of the major issues of online learning is the limited group of participants in online classes. Such the problem has led to the emergence of MOOC. MOOC is an online learning management system. Students can access to MOOC via internet network all time, and it does not cost any money. MOOC’s participants are diverse learners which encourage the participants to share their perspective with people from different living backgrounds. However, MOOC’s major problem is a high number of dropout rates. Researches have shown that a lot of learners who has enrolled in a MOOC have resigned from the class. MOOC’s graduation rate is relatively low compared to the number of students who has registered. The key factor of MOOC’s problem is that the diverse learners cause difficulties in classroom’s engagement. Similar to Millagan, Littlejohn, and Margaryan (2013) provides the design of MOOCs courses to meet the need and expectations of diverse learners. The researchers explore the patterns and major factor of engagement of MOOCs courses. They have interviewed a…

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