The Psychology And Spirituality Course Essay

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In this paper two topics from the Psychology and Spirituality course will be discussed in regards to spirituality and their influence on my personal life. I will examine how I have grown and what I have learned from the week on Spring Lake ranch and how I wish to continue moving forward in my attempt to be spiritual and build a closer relationship to God. Love and death have played large roles in my life, especially of late and through the course I have been able to better understand my views on the topics and which areas of those views may need re-mapping to expand my world.
Much of my life, love has been defined by an unexplainable and uncontrollable feeling that burns inside your soul. One that when you look at a person you will just know and the rest will be history. This definition of love I grew up with was also demanding, controlling, dependent, and selfish. But still it was something to be desired and something everyone couldn’t wait to feel. To love was to really live , to find your other half and fill the void that you felt with another human being. Love was advertised as a feeling, that when you didn’t feel it anymore you could move on to the next. In this state love is conditional, and is dependent upon how the person feels but has no commitment attached to it.
On evening four of the psychology retreat course, love was disused and relation to the book The Road Less Traveled by M.Scott Peck in section II called Love. In the words of Peck, love is defined as an…

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