Essay The Psychology Of Psychological Treatments And Disorders

1625 Words Mar 30th, 2016 7 Pages
I chose the topic of psychological treatments and disorders because I’ve always been interested in the way the human mind functions and ways to treat it. The psychology field is a very broad subject that has a great deal of history and knowledge that the average person would not know about. People nowadays are given multiple options for treating their illness, whereas many years ago, mental illness was frowned upon and was not given many or even sane approaches to treatment. Asylums, mental institutions, and psychiatric hospitals have all provided us with the history of how people were treated. I am hoping that after I finish this project, this will guide me to potentially learning as much as I possibly can about the psychology field and gaining a good amount of knowledge on the subject. In my family, there are a few family members who deal with mental illness. Growing up, I have been exposed to mental illnesses such as, schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder around me.. Along with these disorders, I have been able to see the treatments that have either helped or failed for them. Seeing this around me for 18 years has educated and even made me want to learn more about these treatments and more in depth about these psychological disorders. Wanting to see my family healthy and happy is very important to me. Knowing that they are being treated with the best and most reliable treatments makes me feel comfortable with the amount of research that the world has…

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