Essay on The Psychology Of The Child By Jean Piaget

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In the beginning of The Psychology of the Child by Jean Piaget, it starts with sensorimotor level. Sensorimotor is having or involving either sensory and motor functions or pathways. In the beginning, of this book, it talks about the reflexes with palmar, also known as grasping reflexes. Palmar reflexes start at the age of sixteen weeks until five or six months old. An example of this would be placing something into a baby’s hands and they will hold onto it really tight with a palmar grasp. When understanding the reflexes that babies go through the question that arises will be what if a child cannot grasp that concept? Will the child learn it at a later age or is something wrong with that child? Overall, with the sensorimotor that is included in the beginning of this chapter it has levels of understanding what a child goes through but this book only covers the child aspect of it all. The sensorimotor have six stages that are about the child growth and the age in what they do. Reading about the
In the beginning middle of the book, it uses an example of Pavlov’s dog with Stage 2. He states, “A conditioned reflex is never stabilized by the force of its associations alone, but only by the formation of a scheme of assimilation: that is when the result attained satisfies the need inherent in the assimilation in question” (2). This goes into details with Pavlov’s dog. If someone ever read this and you are familiar with Pavlov’s dog, then you will see how it connects into one.…

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