Essay about The Psychology of a Female Gang

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Week 7: The Psychology of a Female Gang
Latoya J. Valentine
Everest University
CCJ 4656-1 Gang Activity and Drug Operations – 1

Professor Brad Anders

Instructional Activity
As research and understanding of female gangs is imperfect or lacking, the criminal justice system would benefit by developing new methods for dealing with the increasing number of female gangs. To be effective, law enforcement officials should first acknowledge the existence of female gangs, and then develop better training for police officers to identify the female gang members they come into contact with. Unfortunately, few police departments have developed programs to specifically deal with
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And with the welfare-work programs and the young adults being unskilled, they leaned towards gangs which made the way for quick cash to feed their children and themselves. The many studies also showed that females joined gang’s for “friendship and self-affirmation” (Moore & Hagedorn, 2001). However, most fingers pointed to economic reasons. So you can see young females were out of jobs, many with children (especially amongst the LA Mexican-Americans and other immigrant populations where women started families much younger), welfare was not helping, and crime was up in their neighborhoods.

Likewise, many of the female gangsters came from broken homes, homes that had been broken because of the hardships that had befallen them. Because of cultural reasons, in the Latino household generally both parents are in the home, but when broken, the father may be abusive, drug or alcohol addicted, etc. the mothers tend to turn a blind eye because being alone is shameful. Another thing is that the household is a pro gang household. The father and/or mother are gang members, and that way of life is something their daughter is being brought up in. And then she raises her children in the same lifestyle, and so on. This "cholo" style family, as it were, generally fails to exercise very much control over its children. Instead, "cholo" parents teach them to hustle and to operate like con-artists whenever the opportunity to swindle someone

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