The Reflection Of Positive Psychology Essay

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The mission of positive psychology is to enforce those factors which help the individuals or groups to flourish. Through positive psychology, change can be produced and negative emotions like sadness, anxiety, anger, and despair can be controlled. Positive psychology eliminates the negativities of various psychological constructs or converts them into positivity. With the changing scenario, positive psychology has become a considerable topic of attention. There are several techniques to put the positive psychology into action.

Projects can be made on the base of particular psychology constructs theories. These projects can be implemented in common life through affecting the lives of other people positively. The objective of current paper is to plan a project utilizing three psychological constructs altruism, helpfulness and mindfulness to put the positive psychology into practice. A detailed description of selected psychological constructs and design, goals, and implementation of the project is given below.


I. Altruism:

In psychology, altruism is defined as working for the wellbeing of others without concerning the personal interest of an individual. Cooperative behavior is major norm of altruism and the concept is explained through social exchange theory, reciprocity theory and empathy-altruism theory. In psychology, the concept of altruism has been used to explain the helping behavior or acts of social welfare of an…

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