Essay on The Reign Of The Feminist

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The Reign of the Feminist
“True equality means holding everyone accountable in the same way, regardless of race, gender, faith, ethnicity - or political ideology.” (Monica Crowley). This is especially true for women are beginning to be a true power in this world, with women becoming CEO’S of companies, and running for major offices. People need to realize that times are changing in the twenty-first century for women and today feminism is required to be successful in job fields like politics where women are taking a stand and becoming more assertive, in the home where single mothers who work are still producing children who help society, and in the workplace, where women still need to make a stand to make the same pay and have gender equality.
Women have proven themselves time and time again to be fine Public Servants in every level of the government. Starting at the local levels with heroes like Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who is the current mayor of Baltimore, Maryland, where she has done as much as she can to bring up the morale like no man could in the current state of Baltimore. Then the next level up at State Government, Nikki Haley who is the governor of South Carolina is calmly and professionally handling the South Carolina flooding crisis getting every duck in a row by using organizations like FEMA, the National Guard, and the people of South Carolina themselves who are saving money in the States budget by not sending in a lot of relief organizations. Also helping…

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