The Renaissance : A Period Of Advancement Essay

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The Renaissance was a period of advancement in various subjects. It was a time of great intellectual inquiry into all the branches of learning and fields of study. Philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, and artists began to examine the world around them with a stronger and deeper want and need for understanding the universe in which they lived. These students of the world around them also showed a greater interest in the role of humanity within this boundless universe. From this there is an obvious shift in the style and subject matter within the area of the arts. Artist desired to not only realistically represent the world around them, but to showcase more human emotion and more expressions of humanity in the subjects they painted. From the Early to the High Renaissance, great innovations were realized and then expounded upon to bring about some of the greatest works in art history. Two of the great developments seen during the Renaissance were in the use of perspective and also in the use of shadow and light to give the illusion of volume. Each of these art elements, being first established and then later perfected during the Renaissance, brought an illustrious elegance and a greater intensity of realism to the artwork of this era of “rebirth”. The element of linear perspective was one of the first elements to be introduced and then later perfected upon during the Renaissance era. Artist used perspective to move away from the flat two-dimensional artwork that lacked…

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