The Republic Of Xinji S Rights And Responsibilities Essay

1146 Words Dec 4th, 2014 null Page
Since the beginning of new societies, many freedoms and duties have been imposed for the citizens of a country to understand the laws and fulfilling their responsibilities and advocating for their rights responsibly in order to protect their welfare, and their duty to the government as the citizens. A right is a privileged that is given to the people but, people also have responsibilities that demands their commitment, accountability, and an abstemious person. The government has a duty to respect all citizens rights and duties. The people of the Republic of Xinji have the rights and responsibilities as the government has to the citizens in order for the government to protect them without any major problems. All the citizens of Xinji have rights to satisfy for their needs when. In the government of Xinji citizens have rights and responsibilities, and the government’s actions towards the people are consequences of the people’s response to their responsibilities when the citizens abuse their rights irresponsible.
The Republic of Xinji is a futuristic intergalactic and republican government that mostly focus on technology development and intellectual advance. This intergalactic government uses new ways to innovate and increase the people’s sense of importance and given them rights as the citizens. The government lets the people decide the next steps to be done to improved the country using the republican authority. People have the right to advocate for a better government but…

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