The Responsibility Definition - Norton Safe Search Essay

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The definition of responsibility is the state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable, for something within one 's power, control, or management ("Responsibility Definition - Norton Safe Search."). If a person of hearing, or one that is deaf, can still feel the weight of responsibility. The weight being pushed down on the shoulders of someone when hearing or seeing this word can feel as though the world is coming down. Generally speaking, people constantly recycle thoughts of bills, appointments, meetings, work, family which causes reoccurring stress when hearing the word. Responsibility, some people face it with minimal frustration. Others are so scared of even the thought of the word that they avoid it all together. For those who lack motivation and fail to apply it in their own lives have looked away from the message it brings. Responsibility is typically a word used when explaining job duties and tasks. Parents construct children at a young age, as to what it is to be responsible, in hopes not only live their lives successfully, but to thrive. To explain, responsibility is knowing and taking action on what is right. Admitting when one makes a mistake and does what is necessary to correct or, at the very least, soothe the mistake. Typically, as children, we tend to kick, scream, tantrum resulting in a lecture from our parents on how we should act. This is what it means to be responsible.
As a child continues to grow-up, so does more of the pressure of…

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