The Responsibility Of A Father Child Relationship Essay

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The Responsible Fathering article goes on to say that “only an ecologically sensitive approach to parenting, which views all three parties (fathers ,mothers, and children) as intertwined and independent can avoid a zero-sum approach to parenting in which one’s gains become the others’ losses”. (). The four domains applied in this article to make a responsible father include: paternity, presence, economic support, and involvement.(). Research typically compares levels of fathers’ involvement with a child to the mothers’ involvement as the mother seems to be the norm bench mark; also they go on to say that the quality of a father-child relationship is more correlated with the equality of the marriage rather than the mother-child relationship, as mentioned in the study performed in the prior article. (). Also, it is mentioned that mother alone can affect fatherhood as well, as the mother can easily affect the relationship, and thus marital issues can push the fatherly role to the side.(). In addition to the mother of the child, work, social, ethnic, and other cultural forces can affect the fatherly role as well due to the excess psychological stress created. Overall, this article reveals to say that due to the multitude of contextual factors, fathering is much more contextually sensitive and requires support from not only the mother, but also the many outside forces as well. (). Other factors mentioned in this article that relate to the first study about fatherhood include…

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