The Responsibility Of Family And Children 's Agencies For Rehabilitation Of Families

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When I read my article and try to summarize it, I think of how far we have come in social work. This article was written back in 1979 by Joseph Reid of Lima and comes from the book Child Welfare Perspectives. In his article titled “The responsibility of family and children’s agencies for rehabilitation of families”, it states the responsibilities of the family and the agency to reunify the child back into the home. The article goes over the different views of the family and of different Social Workers that have the same common philosophy of what their job entails, but sometimes their personal experiences of past cases can hinder or be just the exact kind of impact the case needs to move forward with the placement of the child. That is one part of Child Welfare that will always be a debate among people with different backgrounds and experiences, if you are doing the best thing for the child or not. The impact of social inequality in this article lies on the responsibility of the facility and the families. In this article it is explained that back in 1979 that some 3800 private and public facilities did not have trained Social Workers in their facilities. This led to the employees of such places not knowing how to fully use resources or have the skills to help the family into rehabilitation. I am sure however, that there were more fully functioning facilities throughout the country as well that used the resources they were given the best they could at the time.…

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