Essay about The Responsibility Of Risk Management

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The responsibility of risk management in healthcare systems falls on multiple individuals within any given organization. It’s well known that most hospitals and healthcare systems do not have a fully functional risk management system that spans across an entire organization and operational structure for the delivery of key services. Ensuring the security of protected health information (PHI) in your health IT system requires that you institute measures to guard against unauthorized use or disclosure of PHI. A risk management plan should have five key components which are administrative safeguards, physical safeguards, technical safeguards, organizational standards, and policies and procedures. For any single risk, a combination of safeguards may be necessary because there are multiple potential vulnerabilities that exist that could negatively affect healthcare systems, according to the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (See Reference 1).

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) should be a part of any healthcare system overall plans for healthcare systems. A healthcare system ERM plan should address the overall risk that should an organization could face from outside or inside the organization. The plan should go over ways of managing risk and the impact of such risks as an overall risk portfolio. Healthcare systems ERM strategy should be viewed from several perspectives which involves Risk avoidance, Risk mitigation/control, risk transfer, and risk…

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