The Right For A Woman Essay

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“Choosing Women”

The right for a woman to have an abortion is one of the biggest debates in America. Hearing

mostly about whether the fetus is a human and deserves human rights or abortion and special cases, such as rape, are the well known argument claims for why women should not have

abortions as legal option. A woman’s rights to choice regardless of their situation to choose what they do with their bodies is a special female right that should not be taken. Abortion as a right the closest thing women have to the same equal right as men on having the choice to leave a child before it’s even born. Without abortion rights, the protection of women becomes diminished. The work of Dawn Rae Flood, Bertha Alvarez Manninen, Maya Unnithan, and Stacy Leigh Pigg are a few writers who have supported in the legalization with the bigger picture at hand. Abortion is legal for the benefit of all women to protect themselves and their equal rights.

Women and their rights need be protected especially when they go hand-in-hand. By not being pro-abortion, women are choosing to not protect each other. When abortion is not an option medically, people turn to far worse methods of aborting. Without the medical help of a doctor, women are often having unsafe abortion. This is not to say that adoption isn’t an option, like many pro-life argue to make abortions illegal, but many women are put in the situation where psychologically it is not their option. Maya Unnithan and Stacy Leigh Pigg…

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