The Right to Choose Essay

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When a woman is sexually assaulted is it wrong for her to consider an abortion if she determines that she has been impregnated by the assaulter. It depends on how you feel about abortion. From the opinions of many the woman should go through with the full term pregnancy because the long term effects of having an abortion outweigh the love that can be given to the child in its lifespan.,In a study conducted by, Dr. Sandra Mahkorn found that 75 to 85 percent of women who were sexually assaulted did not have abortions. The welfare of a mother and her child are never at odds, even in sexual assault cases. As the stories of many women confirm, both the mother and the child are helped by preserving life, not by perpetuating violence. But what …show more content…
Society as a whole must allow her make this decision because the effects of the sexual assault can and will determine how the woman copes and deals with future relationships, and pregnancies.
In cases of incest victims who have been subjected to the hayness act should not be forced to go through the delivery of a child. The young person who has been molested by a family member has already been traumatized to the point where from an emotional stand point she may not understand why she is having an abortion. Because children are victimized by someone they should be able to trust and depend on, they may not realize that the abuse is wrong and not their fault. A child has not yet fully developed the true sense of the meaning of life. She has not been allowed to fully develop both in the physical or mental state. If the child has become pregnant form the abuse is right for her to have an abortion?
Pro-Lifers believe that for no reason a person should abort. However does it make sense to put a young woman life in this position?. As I read “Prenatal tests, genetics, and abortion”by William Slanton,I was saddened to read the story of a young child whom went to have an abortion at the age of 13. The adolescent was brought in by her 23 year old foster brother. 7 months later the same young child came back to the clinic in which she had the previous abortion to undergo the same procedure. The problem is that

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