Essay on The Rights Of Human Organs

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The Right to Donate Pope Benedict XVI denounces “the buying and selling of organs as he praised the act of freely and gratuitously donating parts of one’s own body” (Pope Warns of the Dangers of Selling Human Organs). As a catholic, it is important that organs should not be up for sale but be donated willingly. However, most Catholics are less likely to donate because of the view on afterlife and the worry about preserving body integrity. Organ transplants are necessary for many people around the world; yet, the amount of donations are not even close to the amount of organs needed. Therefore, people would rather buy organs; it is incredible how this world has become overruled by the power of money. People who donate their organs get the grateful feeling that they are helping another person, yet society has come to the point that this is not satisfying as it should be and would rather head to the black market. While it is a freedom of right, the sale of organs should not be allowed but rather donated for it is morally right.
Kidney transplants are not available for every individual; in the year 2012 alone, there was 95,000 Americans on the waiting list for a kidney transplant while only about 16,500 kidney transplants took place (Becker and Elias). While people are placed on the waiting list, it is never known when they will receive the new kidney; some people even die while waiting for a lifesaving kidney. Few doctors will tell patients that they should take action in…

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