Essay about The Rights Of The Bill Of Rights

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Imagine what people lives would be if they could be arrested for stating words government officials didn’t like. The Bill of Rights is certain freedoms Americans have that cannot be denounced away and an Amendment is an official legal document. According to Oxford Dictionaries (2000) The Bill of Rights is a document or piece of legislation setting out the rights or entitlements of a particular group or class of people. According to Oxford Dictionaries (2000) an Amendment is an official change in a law, contract, constitution or other legal document. The Bill of Rights are natural freedoms such as freedom of speech and the right to privacy that Americans are guaranteed to keep, an Amendment is an official legal document. The Bill of Rights are the first ten amendment’s to the constitution guaranteeing Americans that specific very important freedoms are theirs to keep, according to (Zacharias, 2003). Americans are entitled to specific freedoms such as speech. How would people feel if they couldn’t speak freely? The Bill of Rights states that we have the right to freedom of speech. According to Oxford Dictionaries (2000) speech is the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds. Speech is the way people feel or think. Speech is the ability to express how you feel through gestures as well. The freedom of speech is very important to people because it give people the ability to speak comfortably. According to (Levy, 1999) John…

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