Essay on The Rights Of The Black Race

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Walls are built in all over the world. They have many purposes and uses. In America there is a huge barrier between the whites and the blacks. In the U.S it has been the number one problem facing the African Americans for ages. The America society was created by people with negative behavior towards people with dark skin color. African American men and women generally had more limited freedom and rights than the whites in the 20th century. At one time, the only duties of the African Americans were to serve their masters and work on farms in the southern part of America. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. and 58 men marched down into downtown Birmingham to protest against racism and racial segregation laws. As a result, they were all arrested and put into prison. Rev. King tells the clergymen that he is upset about their criticisms, and that he has a good reason for his actions. Rev. King emphasizes that there is a need for justice for the black race because they had been oppressed for a long time, and that it was time they were treated equally. Dr. King’s letter demonstrates bigger picture to the world than just the clergymen. He was referring to the white American political community, white American religious community and the African American community. Dr. King, Jr. uses appeals to logical appeals, ethical appeals, and emotion.

Dr. King uses logos in his letter push his claims to the clergymen. Logos originated from a Greek word which means…

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