Essay about The Rights Of The Elderly

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In China in July 2013, a law was imposed to force children to provide the emotional and physical needs of their parents. It includes that children should visit the parents often, or they will face fines and punishments. One of the most punishments they will face is going to the prison. In China also, parents can ask their adult children to sign an agreement to support the family. According to Francine Russo, a Journalist and speaker in Time Network, A woman found a negligent in visiting her 77-year-old mother. The court charged her under the Law on Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly. According to China organization website, the Law is enacted in accordance with the Constitution to protect the lawful rights and interests of the elderly, develop the undertakings related to the elderly and promote the Chinese people 's virtues of respecting and providing for the elderly. Based on this law, the court ordered the woman to visit her mother at least once every two months, and on at least two national holidays a year (Russo, 2013, para 3). Around the world, children are not obligated to support their parents, but the latter are legally considered responsible for taking care of their children. If a legal obligation is imposed to force children to be responsible to support and take care of their parents after the adulthood, In order to recoup the same responsibilities the parents had offered to them. In China for instance, over than 200 million people over…

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